With a Bumpy Ride in the Rearview, Downtown Mill Valley Businesses Are Primed for a Massive Bounceback

Mill Valley

For downtown restaurants, boutiques and service businesses, it’s been a weird, wild ride – a pair of major construction projects delivered major upgrades.

There was disruption, and the feeling among some as we came into 2024 that wet weather and a malaise among our neighbors had set in, with some feeling like Mill Valley residents’ shopping and spending patterns had changed, with 94941 residents drawn to malls and the friction-free, “I want it, I bought it, I have it” feeling.

But let’s be clear – this is Mill Valley, a wondrous place of creativity, innovation and sheer tenacity it’s all coming back!

The Depot Plaza remains a vital gathering place just about any time of day.

The wintry deluge will pass, and we can get back to basking in one of the most vibrant places in all of California

Have you seen how cool Mill Valley is lately? Our boutiques, galleries and home goods stores are serving up uncommon, highly edited collections which reflect the best in curation around the Bay Area.

Tasty bites and beverages inspired by cuisines around the world are offered in our restaurants and cafes. You can get services and experiences here coveted by locals and visitors alike. With the complete makeover of one of Mill Valley’s two main arterials AND the centerpiece of its downtown, getting into our inspiring village is easier and more beautiful than ever. 

And just wait, there’s new organic ice cream coming, a return to the movies, hiking in the sun, and more!


Our downtown boasts legions of innovative boutiques, renowned galleries, ultra-creative restauranteurs, do-it-all service businesses and an arts and culture scene that rivals just about any community in the Bay Area.

Most importantly, let’s get out of the house, enjoy the soon-to-arrive beautiful weather and eat, drink, shop, gather and enjoy the bounty of the 94941!

As we ramp up towards welcoming thousands of people to our amazing community with the wondrous Mill Valley Music Fest, followed immediately after by the Memorial Day Parade, the Kiddo! Carnival, Mountain PlayDipsea Race, the 20th Anniversary of Comedy in the Plaza and much, much more, it’s time for the bounceback.