Bridgeway’s Newest Art Hub Is Coming: The Sausalito Center of the Arts

The Sausalito Center of the Arts

In the past year, a task force of local community members created The Sausalito Center of the Arts. After a lengthy review with the city council, the former Bank of America on Bridgeway will be home to the nonprofit organization and Sausalito’s art scene. The new development will ensure the city’s artistic legacy is kept alive and boost its reputation in the community. The phase I buildout goal is “to create an open, flexible, modular footprint that can be used for a variety of events,” says Louis Briones, Executive Director of the Sausalito Art Festival.

Since the end of WWII, artists worldwide have been flocking to Sausalito’s coastal enclaves of colorful houseboats and adding their magnum opuses to its rich history. No wonder why many call Sausalito home. Hundreds of art centers, studios, and festivals have popped up in the past century. The annual Sausalito Art Festival attracts thousands each year. Now with this development going forward, it will pave the way for future generations.

Sausalito Art Festival
The Sausalito Art Festival
  • 100+ artist studios spaces at ICB
  • 12 international artists at the 2019 Sausalito Art Festival
  • 20,000+ attendees at the 2019 Sausalito Art Festival
  • 42 states represented at the 2019 Sausalito Art Festival