Marin Up Close

San Anselmo fine art photographer William Dreskin likes to get up close and personal with his subjects. For Dreskin, 60, the macro lens view is the most compelling. “I am interested in the overlooked things,” he says about his subjects, which are most often selected from the natural environment. “When you look carefully, you get interesting, subtle and unnoticed features that can be as dramatic as the grander things in nature.”

The photographer’s unique take on nature can be experienced in local galleries and on his Website,


Mussels, goose barnacles and sea stars fill the tide pools.

The sun lights up a sea of cattails at Lake Lagunitas, part of the Marin Municipal Water District (left).
This eelgrass caught the light of the setting sun and reminded Dreskin of a Japanese painting at Agate Beach (right).

The interplay of light and water creates the feel of an impressionistic painting at Devil’s Gulch in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

Madrone bark curls at Lake Lagunitas (top), sand patterns at Limantour Beach (middle) and crustose lichens on rock (bottom).