View From Marin

MAY IS ONE of our favorite months of the year. It is for this issue that we, inspired by all the activity surrounding Marin Open Studios, hold a contest to attract some of the most intriguing artists working or showing in Marin and feature them in our pages. That search led us to the artwork by Sausalito’s Barrie Barnett you see on this month’s cover and to the work of the 12 finalists you’ll meet herein. Barnett has started a new tradition we hope continues; check our blogs page to see how she celebrates.

We follow that with a look at a whole different kind of art form: jewelry making. Writer Calin Van Paris asks local artisans what it takes to make their wearable pieces and how you can tell the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

We wrap up features with a new recurring feature called Subcultures, a look at activities in Marin that draw passionate and loyal followings. This month, adventure sports competitor and writer Geoff James introduces you to outrigger canoeing culture.

Up front we’ve got a look at a new Muir Woods parking system and a very new (and bigger) SFMOMA. We also introduce you to a popular mock trial coach, a twin sister hatmaking team, an animal husbandry manager and WildCare’s executive director.

In Destinations we focus on Baja, with a look at surf getaways, swimming with the sharks and the newest peninsula hot spot, Todos Santos. It may be getting warm here, but it’s positively tropical there.

It’s a fun issue, sure to please your artistic side. Whether you are planning to head to the new SFMOMA, a local jewelry store or one of many open studios, we hope you’ll agree art definitely makes life far more special.


Once our cover contest winner is selected, the fun really starts. This month, getting the scoop involved a short walk through our Sausalito office park to the nearby ICB Building and studio. It was there that  photographer Tim Porter got to know winner Barrie Barnett and see her artistic process.

Photos by Barrie Barnett