Support Halleck Creek Ranch and Help People With Disabilities Thrive

halleck creek ranch

Kaleki, an extraordinary horse who was born on Halleck Creek Ranch in 1997, has been a therapy horse her entire life. She has valiantly supported hundreds of Halleck Creek riders and built meaningful relationships with students that often span their lives from childhood into adulthood. 

Kaleki is one of 19 amazing therapy horses at Halleck Creek Ranch, one of the largest and oldest therapeutic riding programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than 45 years, people have come to Halleck Creek to learn new skills, connect with nature and enjoy a sense of freedom from their disabilities though horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities. 

halleck creek ranch

“Everyone needs love, support, understanding and friendship,” says Molly Scannell, Executive Director of Halleck Creek Ranch. “For those with disabilities and their families, sometimes this can be hard to find. Programs like Halleck Creek Ranch can make all the difference — not just for the program participant, but for the entire family.”

While Kaleki was born at the ranch, most of the ranch’s horses were donated to be used in therapeutic riding and equine-assisted programs. The easy pace of lessons makes for the perfect second or third career for these horses, and it’s a great way to make use of their life experiences. The horses give so much, and Halleck Creek is dedicated to giving them the love and life they deserve. But they can’t do it alone. 

halleck creek ranch

This spring, Halleck Creek Ranch launched a campaign to raise $40,000 to support Kaleki and the other horses on the ranch. As Kaleki and her herd mates have gotten older over the years, they now require daily care, special feeding and regular veterinary attention to stay healthy and happy as they serve the children and families at Halleck Creek. 

Only through the generosity of donors can Halleck Creek can continue to bring the joy of horses, friendship and nature to those who need it the most. 

Support the Cause 

The official spring campaign ended on May 23, but there are many ways you can contribute and support Halleck Creek Ranch, its herd and its mission.  

Halleck Creek welcomes general donations or donations to cover purchases for essential items for horses. You can also become a Horse Sponsor if you are interested in helping support a therapy horse for an entire year.

Halleck Creek thanks these major donors to its 2022 spring campaign:

  • The Richard Reed Foundation, which pledged $5K in matching donations 
  • Bay Area Bluestone
  • Jim and Lynn Finkelstein
  • The Wajnowski Family
  • The DeDominic Family
  • Sydney Minnerly
  • The Nickel Family 
  • Graciela Johansmann
  • Lisa Star
  • Michelle Flynn

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