Brian Copeland: The Waiting Period

Brian Copeland: The Waiting Period, Marin Magazine

Brian Copeland

In 2008, Brian Copeland intended to purchase a gun with which to take his own life. The mandatory 10-day waiting period for that transaction serves as the backdrop for this candid conversation about depression, a show that debuted in 2012, was remounted in 2014 — as a response to Robin Williams’ death — and plays again this month. October 14, Showcase Theater (San Rafael).


What makes this piece so important? The show is two things. It is an invitation to have this conversation. And it’s an intervention. The stories I get are just unbelievable. There are people who have seen this show and who are alive today because of it.


What do you hope people take away from The Waiting Period? October is Depression Awareness Month, and may I ask that if you have a family member or a friend who struggles, do everything in your power to bring them out to this show so that they know they’re not alone.