Say Cheers to Good Health with These Zero-Proof Cocktails

Holidays are known for their “celebrate and be merry” spirit, but traditional beverages have a reputation for waning our good cheer come the next morning. Ahem, the infamous holiday hangover. But as we wrap up 2020 — a notably uncontrollable, unpredictable year — if there’s anything that might be enticing to us all, it’s to feel a little more in control. And now, we can. Innovators are concocting realistic options for alcohol-free cocktails that provide a health-minded approach and high-quality flavors. Whether you’re sober-curious, sober for the night, or enjoy the flavor but want to swap out the alcohol, check out these Bay Area-based companies who are leading the way.

The Free Spirits

Not only are these spirit alternatives crafted to be bold, delicious and non-alcoholic, they are also each infused with B vitamins and amino acids to help elevate your mood, energy and experience. The Free Spirit Company uses a process called Distillate Reconstruction wherein they source natural ingredients like American White Oak, European Juniper and Mexican Blue Agave then distill and extract the essential oils and flavors in ways that honor the nose, taste and mouthfeel of traditional spirits while skipping the fermentation process. They currently offer three nonalcoholic alternatives inspired by the greats: The Spirit of Bourbon, Gin and Tequila.

Proposition Cocktail Co.

Designed to arouse the palette and excite the senses, these hemp-derived CBD and adaptogenic cocktails are non-intoxicating social lubricants made from organically-sourced botanicals, herbs, fruits and spices found in modern cocktails. The ready-to-serve Turmeric Ginger Mule and Smokey Margarita are the newest additions to Proposition’s craft cocktail alternatives. Relieve stress, fatigue and mental disarray — what more is there to say.

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