5 Exquisite Natural Stone Sculptures and Bathtubs for a Luxe Home

Want to give your bathroom or garden area a touch of magnificence and opulence? Natural stone sculptures and bathtubs from Marblebee Ltd just may do the trick.

To add grandeur to your home’s interior or exterior, ponder installing one, two or more stone pieces from Marblebee Ltd. into your living space. Each item serves as a standalone statement piece while also enhancing the visual appeal of its surroundings.

Consider these five items for an effortlessly stepped-up look:

1. Black Dragon Marble Tub


Want to add an exquisite touch to your bathroom? Place this freestanding stone bathtub with a black dragon pattern in your bathing space. It boasts a boating rolled rim and double slipper design, which appears regal because of its unique pattern. It’s an instant upgrade to any plain bathroom.

The black backdrop along with white patches makes it unique. Since it is a natural stone bathtub, no two pieces look the same.

2. Quality Modern Bronze Statue of Invisible Singer


Do you love bizarre pieces? If so, make way for this remarkable bronze sculpture of an invisible singer. This life-size sculpture has a surreal — even somewhat haunting — appearance.

Sculpted from real bronze metal of 3-5 mm thickness, this modern bronze sculpture boasts funky rendered cloth effects along with a manlike posture. Hence, it appears very naturalistic; from a distance you cannot tell that it’s a metal sculpture.

3. Yin Yang Surface Granite Fountain


This modern stone fountain’s yin yang surface closely resembles the river rock from which it was carved. It is very rare to see such naturalism in a contemporary garden fountain design.

The figure eight shape of this yin yang stone fountain further maximizes its structural motif of duality and balance. The granite fountain also boasts a rugged variation of minimalism. Meanwhile, its flowing garden water feature seamlessly blends this fountain into garden surroundings.

4. Green Onyx Custom Gemstone Bathtub


This green onyx bathtub has a stunning texture and sparkling hues. Onyx is a natural gemstone material with parallel bands that are renowned for being exclusive to onyx. These parallel bands give onyx a subtle earthy feel that fake stones and other counterfeit materials simply cannot match.

This Japanese soaking tub exudes the highest level of beauty and class thanks to the somewhat-translucent green onyx that gives it an airy, surreal glitter.

5. Life-Size Stone Lion Sculpture


Most everyone admires this beautiful animal’s strength, grace and fierceness. That’s why the lion also has attained a symbolic status all around the world.

If you also relate to this, why not add this life-size lion marble sculpture to your home’s interior or exterior? Since it is made from natural marble, it can withstand regular wear and tear and even changing weather conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you install it outdoors.

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