John Willenborg

ADRENALINE ADDICTS AND selfie lovers rejoice: now there’s another way to capture the ultimate shot with your iPhone. Optrix is designed to help you make the most out of the iPhone’s increasingly high-quality camera while simultaneously protecting your device. “I have been a motorcycle racer and action sports junkie most of my life, and Optrix was born out of frustration,” says John Willenborg, founder of the Novato-based company. “I was at Sonoma Raceway, and I couldn’t get my GoPro to work. I ended up duct-taping an iPod Nano to the motorcycle and racing; the footage was better than (with) my GoPro, and I have never looked back.” Optrix takes your iPhone footage to the next level by way of waterproof cases, monopods, a variety of mounts and lenses and much more.

PHILOSOPHY “We’re all about obsession and passion,” says Willenborg. “Obsession about how we create better hardware and the passion of our customers. Seeing the thousands of photos and videos that get posted every week and the joy and adventure Optrix brings to users is what drives us.” The goal behind Optrix is for users to be able to bring their most-used camera (their iPhone) on any journey and use it in any condition. THE SCOOP Optrix lets customers shop by sport, with specially designed accessories available for virtually every outdoor activity — from kite-surfing to motocross. The brand’s most popular product is the PhotoProX, which combines Optrix’s rugged waterproof housing with four professional-grade lenses (macro, fish-eye, telephoto and low profile), providing a worry-free means of capturing a quality image. BEYOND MARIN Optrix was recently welcomed into the Body Glove family, which means you’ll likely be hearing a lot more about the company in coming months, particularly in the surfing sector. The goods are currently available at specialty retailers worldwide, as well as online. WHAT THEY SAY “The coolest Optrix story has to be from David McGregor of Australia,” says Willenborg. “David capsized his boat, and his Optrix (with his iPhone inside) sank to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Australia. The device washed up on a beach after 82 days on the ocean floor. The phone was returned in perfect working condition and David still uses that same iPhone to this day.” optrix.com