Admire San Francisco from the Air With Seaplane Adventures


Hello to our Seaplane Adventures Family!

We hope this finds everyone safe and well. It has been months now of this sheltering-in-place, and I know we are all starting to dream about days ahead when we can get on with a new normal. One thing I know will be a much more focal part of our new normal – this place we call home.

DeHaviland Beaver over San Francisco

I have been flying over the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years now. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is that I never grow tired of it. You may have noticed us flying from time to time, and that is because, just like a car, these wonderful machines don’t do well just sitting for weeks at a time. Flying over the Golden Gate Bridge with my daughters this week was as magical as the first time I did it over two decades ago. A few days before that we flew over to Sonoma and Napa to see the vineyards so bright green and perfectly manicured over fields interlaced with mustard blooms. Behind Mt. Tam we could see the lupine vivid purple on the rolling hills of West Marin and just minutes later the whales breaching happily in their playground around the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. Back over our amazing city with its ever-changing skyline and gorgeous bay shoreline, absolutely chock-a-block with incredible moments in San Francisco’s long, amazing history.

DeHaviland Beaver over San Francisco

The crisis of this pandemic has inexorably changed life as we know it. It has brought fear, tragedy and sorrow to every corner of the globe. But it has also done something amazing – brought all of us home together. We have all spent weeks getting to know our own houses, hearths and best of all – each other. Now as we emerge from this unbelievable period, it will be time to reacquaint ourselves again with our shared home – the Bay Area. We would like to invite all of you to join us on a magical ride above the Bay in our beautiful seaplanes. Let us transport you to a magical place where the beauty runs for miles and miles in every direction – our Bay Area home. Seaplane Adventures is planning to reopen Friday, June 5th, and we would love for everyone to join us in the celebration!

DeHaviland Beaver over San Francisco

Check out our videos on YouTube for a taste of what’s in store for you when you book and take your flight with us:

The coronavirus has brought unprecedented challenges to long-standing businesses all over Marin county. And there have certainly been other challenging times: wars, financial crises, 9/11 – but this time is very different. Commodore Seaplane Base has been in existence since 1946 – almost 80 years now – and is the last remaining commercial seaplane operation left in the entire State of California. Seaplanes are part of the cultural fabric of Marin and the Bay Area. We have always felt a duty of stewardship for this historic company, and we are not about to roll over and allow this legacy to die on our watch felled by this invisible enemy. Seaplane Adventures needs your support! We are officially reopening for flights Friday, June 5th! Now is the perfect time to share in this history and share a seaplane ride with your friends and family and experience our Bay Area Home with us! You can also purchase a flight as a gift certificate or as a future treat to yourselves for the many weeks of sheltering we all have endured. Please visit our website at for 20% off this incredible,  unique, and very local experience – use the promo code NEIGHBOR2020. We have never needed the support of our extended family here at home more than we do now!

From our family to yours – Come Fly With Us!


Seaplane Adventures is owned and run by Aaron Singer, long-time pilot and resident of Sausalito and Marin county for over 25 years.