Hansuke Yamamoto and Alexandra McCullagh

Describe your personal style.
HY: Simple. Easy. Comfortable.
AM: Simple and feminine.

What are you wearing?
HY: The jeans and T-shirt are from Uniqlo and my jacket is J. Crew. A Phiten Titanium necklace. It’s supposed to improve circulation and reduce muscle stress.
AM: A blue sweater from the Gap, black pants from Urban Outfitters and black pumps from Nine West. My pearl necklace and earrings were a gift from my parents.

Who are your fashion influences?
AM: Everyone. My friends, coworkers and even people I pass on the sidewalk.

Favorite designers?
Uniqlo, the Japanese designer line. I like it because it’s very cheap and comfortable! AM: I love the fun, feminine clothes by Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson.

Where do you love to shop in Marin?
The Town Center and the Village in Corte Madera.
AM: I always find cute things at Red Dot in Mill Valley and Tiburon. I also like Anthropologie in the Village at Corte Madera.

What is always in your bag/pockets?
HY: Keys, wallet, cell phone, Advil and my PlayStation Portable.
AM: Besides hairpins, I always have my iPhone, snacks for in-between rehearsals, and I usually have dental floss and a needle for sewing my pointe shoes.

What is your best cheapo secret?
AM: I live with three other girls, so we share everything from jewelry to leotards to evening dresses.

What’s your fashion pet peeve?
AM: Birkenstocks with socks!

What is your view of Marin style?
I think Marin style is simple, but refined. AM: Trendy, but casual and comfortable.

Where do you love to eat in Marin?
Gira Polli in Mill Valley (they have a great roast chicken), Arawan Thai, Robata Grill & Sushi, and Stefano’s Pizza.
AM: My favorite restaurants in Marin are Insalata’s in San Anselmo, Guaymas in Tiburon and Comforts in San Anselmo.

Where do you go to pamper yourself?
I play golf! And also eat really good sushi or a big steak. Or I also really enjoy driving up Highway 1.
AM: A homemade dinner at my parents’ house, or a long walk on Stinson Beach. And then sometimes what I really want is a spa day!

How would your friends describe you?
Quiet, calm and serious.
AM: Optimistic and warm. My friends tease me for subscribing to Martha Stewart Living, but they all enjoy the cookies and scarves that I make for them as a result!

What was the last book you read?
I just devoured Zipang, a navy story.
AM: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

If your life were a movie, what would be your theme song?
The theme song from Rocky, of course!
AM: “Someday Soon” by KT Tunstall. It’s a song about taking time to examine and learn from all the things that surround you.