Tory Burch for FitBit

I've had a FitBit flex for a little over a year now and wore it constantly for the first few months that I had it. But then the "newness" and excitement started to wear off, and I was finding it less appealing to wear. I was finding excuses not to wear it – especially when going out to a nice dinner with my husband or happy hour with friends. Who wants to wear a plain rubber bracelet with an evening look?

But when I saw the announcement last Tuesday that Tory Burch (one of my favorite designers) had designed some new accessories for the FitBit, I literally dropped everything I was doing that second to look it up on their website. And wow, it is really everything I could have hoped for, and then some. The FitBit has gone glam! There are three different bracelet styles to choose from and one necklace option. My favorite, a shiny brass cage design, has a hinged compartment to encase the FitBit flex. You can still see the lights through the cage like a normal FitBit, so a quick double-tap reveals your step count for the day. But I was skeptical – would the brass casing still accurately track steps?

Well, I've been testing the brass bracelet for the whole weekend, and I can say it has surprised me. My steps have been accurately recorded, and I'm walking around in style. In fact, I'm loving the bracelet so much I would wear it even if my FitBit is sitting in it's charger. And same goes for the necklace – I'm already planning outfits for it, regardless of if it's tracking steps.

Now instead of making excuses why I can't wear my FitBit, my biggest dilemma will be: do I wear the gold bracelet…maybe a printed silicone one…oooh, or the necklace. Is it too much to wear several at once?!

Prices range from $38 for the silicone bracelets to $195 for the gold metal bracelet. Click here to shop the entire Tory Burch for FitBit collection. Happy tracking!