Readers Respond

>> Cut the Cougar
I read about singer/songwriter Tim Hockenberry in Marinterview (January) and thought, “Wow, he’s smart, too.”  However, I was very disappointed by the question about “cougars.” This reference is demeaning and sexist. Where is the male equivalent? Males seem to either be excused or celebrated for having young wives or girlfriends. In fact, women over 40 are closer to their sexual peak while men at that age are beginning to wane. Is this threatening to men and a reason to degrade “women of a certain age”? As a woman of over 40—who incidentally is not seeking a young partner—I am offended by the “cougar” categorization. Let’s find an equally degrading male moniker: how about a Viagran?                                       
Jill Robinson, Corte Madera

I was disappointed with the last question to singer Tim Hockenberry in Marinterview. A publication like yours should not be printing derogatory statements about a segment (albeit vague) of our community. Though I am pretty far from being a “cougar” (early 30s, married with two kids), it made me sad. To say our town would be “more interesting if there were fewer” of anyone or anything is downright obtuse.      Jaime DuPont, Mill Valley

Finally you have someone interesting with interesting things to say in this section, Marinterview. It’s refreshing to read about someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Keep it up; what a fun read!                     
J. Foley, via e-mail

>> Hands Off the Reef!
We love marin magazine but in the story “Australia’s Great Barrier Reef” there is a diver placing his or her hands on the Great Barrier Reef. Any serious diver knows not to touch the coral heads. I understand underwater shots are difficult, but my diving etiquette and reef sensibility made my hair stand on end with this shot.
Jesper Lundbaek, San Anselmo

>> Both Sides of the Cover
this has been a difficult year for everyone I know and if Marin Magazine wanted to remind people of how stressed and strained they feel, then the cover for January is perfect. Personally, it encouraged me not to read the magazine—oh, well I take that back, except to find your e-mail address. Happy New Year?     
Kimberly H. Vogee, via e-mail

Although i almost always love your covers the painting by artist Kelly Reemtsen was one of the most interesting to date! Finally you’ve chosen a painting that is thought-provoking and edgy. Love, love, love it. I can totally relate and will be keeping it on my coffee table for months.     
Grace Reynolds, via e-mail

>> Mad in Marinwood
Regarding the glowing conversation with Susan Adams (January), we have lived in Marinwood for 51 years, and while Ms. Adams has accomplished some things, she has not managed to help Marinwood residents acquire a new shopping center including a supermarket. She has been in office since 2002 and, at a neighborhood gathering in 2006, she promised she was really going to help us. It is now 2010 and Marinwood is no closer to replacing our defunct shopping center. There is little glory for Ms. Adams in helping the population of Marinwood and Lucas Valley. We should matter, too.           
Jack and Marjorie Melnick, Marinwood

>> Wedding Resource Guide
thanks so much for once again printing your great wedding resource guide (January). Whenever the guide comes out I always clip it to give to one of my recently engaged friends—and who knows, maybe I’ll be using it for myself one of these years! Keep the listings coming!               
Vanessa Hernandez, via e-mail

Editor’s note: Regarding our 2010 Wedding Resource Guide, we received comments from as far away as the United Kingdom—from Melissa Littlejohn, inquiring about the venue in Lake Como, Italy, where she wants to get married. We love making that connection!

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