View From Marin

WE KICK OFF the first issue of spring with our annual spring fashion shoot — staying on trend with the fringy and lightweight fabrics of the season that look even better in movement. Flip through the pages to get a preview of what you’ll be wearing when the days start to get longer and the weather temps rise.

Next up, we head outdoors to see who might be flying by. Writer Laura Hilgers and photographer Jack Wolford tag along with some birders who, fresh off the winter bird count, have their binoculars ready for the returning birds of spring. Marin is a stop on the Pacific Flyway, so there is much to see.

Finally, believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about summer camps for the little ones. Before you start planning your nap and reading schedule, you’ll need to do some booking — and spaces are filling up fast. So give our listings a look; we’ve got lots of great ideas for adventure and fun.

Up front we’ve got some info on the Battery Townsley hike, including when you can get a peek at what a World War II casemated battery actually looked like. We also introduce you to a San Rafael writer, the guys behind the Marin-inspired Headlands Brewing Company and College of Marin’s man-in-charge, David Wain Coon.

In Destinations Sherrie Strausfogel explains why when it comes time to hit the spa in Hawaii, you’ll want to find a spot with local and traditional ingredients. We’ve also got details and tips on amazing hikes and cool educational opportunities. And for something a little different, join writer Calin Van Paris on a fairy-tale trip to Slovenia.

It’s an exciting issue and we hope you enjoy it. And after you do, we hope to see you out and about in your finest spring outfit or, just as likely in Marin, in some cargo shorts with a pair of binoculars around your neck.


We turned photographer Claudia Goetzelmann loose at San Francisco’s Left Space Studios to capture the spirit of spring fashion for 2015. The goal, according to Fashion Editor Veronica Sooley, was to “show movement and showcase the trends, including pleats, fringe and lightweight fabrics.” The shoot was enhanced by our model’s dance background (a pleasant surprise) and the power of the Reel EFX RE Fan II wind machine.