40 Fish-Filled Years

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN to the Big Island of Hawaii and taken a snorkeling tour, it is likely that adventure was with Fair Wind Cruises out of Kona Harbor. This family-run business is celebrating 40 years this month, and owner Mendy Dant, a seasoned waterwoman, is offering a few below-the-surface tips.

CLEAN THE MASK If new, the snorkel mask can first be cleaned by rubbing toothpaste on the inside to eliminate any film residue left from the manufacturer. Before each use, a light solution of water and baby shampoo can be used to reduce the chance of fogging. Once finished snorkeling, soak the mask in a disinfectant and air dry.

FIND THE RARE FISH Minimize body movement while in the water. Be patient and float on the surface while keeping your eyes open for what may appear from within the reef’s nooks and crannies. Keep in mind that many of the sea’s creatures are masters of disguise, with only a twist of a tail or a flash of a gill to give them away.

AVOID SEASICKNESS Avoid eating fatty foods before you head out on the boat; instead choose bananas, whole grains or yogurt. Over-the-counter drugs like Dramamine and Bonine can help some people. Another trick is to play the game of distraction — don’t focus on not feeling well. If you start to feel woozy, change it up by striking up a conversation with someone or looking at the horizon.