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Your Letters

Trash Talk

Marin Clean Energy, thank you so much for finally doing the smart thing with garbage (Currents, “Garbage to Wattage,” January). Every time I pass the landfill I cringe and wonder why the U.S. doesn’t follow Denmark and other countries’ example of burning garbage underground and using the methane to heat homes. Other countries have been doing this for years. It would be so great if every energy company would do this — expensive at first, but worth it in the end. And in Denmark their heat is free.

Great Issue

The best issue yet (December 2017). Thank you for the personal coverage on our North Bay fires. I also liked the Mountain Mania ski article.

Before Surgery

Overall “The Pain Game” (February) reflects a good general overview regarding treatment for the aching back. However, the physician and the author have, in my opinion, not done a thorough review on the benefits of spinal manipulation treatment (SMT). Surgery should of course be the last option when all else has failed. There are studies and guidelines that show the benefit, efficacy and safety of SMT. The state of Ohio recently passed workers’ comp guidelines that say that prior to any spinal fusion surgery, a trial of SMT should be provided. Oregon has a similar law. But there are no magic bullets; not everyone can be helped by SMT.

Animal Victory

Thank you, Peter Lang of Safari West (“Fire Stories,” December). These animals and the incredible heart and commitment of the Langs are a precious asset, jewels, here in Northern California. Thank God these incredible animals were saved.

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