25th Annual Bioneers National Conference

Courtesy of the Bioneers conference

“Growing the Movement: The World We Want and How to Get There” is the theme of this year’s Bioneers Conference. Bioneers is a collective of innovators — scientific and social alike — who imagine and employ practical measures to fix the problems they see in the world. Which is pretty awesome. Bioneers was created in 1990 when founder Kenny Ausubel noticed a growing subculture of people who wanted to change the world without breaking what Ausubel terms “the web of life;” in short, to solve problems in a constructive and natural way.

The annual conference brings a variety of these thinkers together together to discuss issues in all sectors of life, and how they interconnect. This year’s speakers include Patricia Gualinga — from the Ecuadorean Amazon, a leader in the struggle to prevent oil drilling on private land; Dave Hage, co-founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education; Mariel Nanasi, a former civil rights defense attorney and current Executive Director of New Energy Economy; Greg Watson, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Food ad Agriculture; and many, many, many more.

If you’re looking to get involved, surrounding yourself with people who have taken their causes to inspiring places is a good place to start — and the Bioneers Conference is where they’ll be.

If You Go:

October 17–19

Marin County Civic Center (San Rafael)

Tickets: $275–$475