Summer Robot Series

This post needs to begin with a disclaimer: I love robots. It started with Johnny 5 and while not exactly a robot, the Brave Little Toaster also played a big role, but furthermore, there was WALL-E. Yes, over the years there were more than a handful of animated machines beeping their way into my heart. I understand that not everyone will share my affinity for these devices, but they’re here to stay so why not find out more about what it is that makes these guys tick?

You can do just that at the Marin Maker Space this summer by signing up for its series of workshops that will get you building a simple robot from scratch. Workshop cost includes all the basic materials and components you will need to build a small, simple, 2-wheel, programmable Arduino based robot. The Series rate also includes two months of membership so that you can use the Maker Space facilities on Tuesdays during open shop hours.

If You Go:

When: July 18, 25 and August 1 from 12–3 p.m.

Where: The Marin School 150 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael

Cost: $150 fee includes all materials and instruction