Dog-of-the-Month, July: Etta James Bond

Etta is tiny. She comes in at only about 4 lbs. But that doesn’t mean she’s not tough.

She’s not scared to do anything big dogs do, whether its go on a hike or ride in an airplane, befitting of her name, which is part James Bond, part Etta James.

Etta is 4 years old and lives in downtown San Anselmo with her owner, Krista Knable.

How did you two meet?

My son wanted a sibling so we settled on getting a dog but he wanted one that looked like an Ewok, so I started researching Yorkie Poos online. I found several that looked like Ewoks, but her picture was the one I kept going back to. It was important that she was a small, hypo-allergenic breed because we live in a townhome. Also, being my first dog ever, I wanted a dog that had small poops!

How did she get her name?

I’m a huge fan of the blues and specifically Etta James, but my son didn’t know who that was, so he asked if we could name her Etta James Bond. So she’s a singer spy dog.

Does she sleep in your bed at night?

She is the little spoon.

Does she have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Etta loves to walk downtown along the avenue and say hello to all the shop owners who absolutely adore her. She knows which ones to hustle for treats.

Please tell us more about her being a local star.

Etta is probably the smallest dog in town, but her ears are quite large, so depending on the day she can look like a baby bat, a house elf, or a gremlin but she always struts with a pretty, pretty, princess attitude.

Literally every day, on every walk, someone comments on her look or size.  It’s really wonderful to see people of all ages smile and giggle when they see her. She brings so much joy.

Can you tell us something unique about her?

Etta goes on pack walks with Staysea from Dogville weekly and even though she’s super tiny, she’s always in the front of the pack and can go on 3+ mile hikes just like the big dogs.


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Jessica Gliddon

Jessica Gliddon is the Group Digital Content Manager for Marin Magazine. An international writer and editor, she has worked on publications in the UK, Dubai and Cape Town. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, and is the former editor of Abu Dhabi’s airline magazine, Etihad Inflight. When she’s not checking out the latest exhibit at SFMOMA or searching out the best places to eat and drink near her home in San Francisco, she volunteers at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.