Dog-of-the-Month March: Kacey

Dog-of-the-Month March: Kacey, Marin Magazine


Kacey the Weimaraner is a great achiever for her breed. As an official American Kennel Club pup, she has participated in a multitude of competitions and won many awards for her skills in obedience, hunting and more. Kacey is now a 12-year-old retiree who does Pilates daily to help her bad back. But she still leads an active life and loves going on walks around Marin. 

Here are a few more facts about this stunning Sausalito canine from her owner, Jay Wyman:


Jay posing with Kacey after winning her AKC master hunter designation


1. Where did you two meet?

We met at a breeder in Fairfield, CA, when she was two weeks old.



2. What’s the origin of her name?

Her name is Kacey, because it is two syllables so easy to say.


Her full American Kennel Club (AKC) name is: CH Rockville’s Scarlette O’Tara, RN, CGC, MH. The CH means she is a show champion, RN is an AKC obedience title, CGC is AKC canine good citizen title, and MH is for AKC master hunter, which is the highest hunting award given to dogs. 


Dogs competing in AKC hunt events go through three stages: junior hunter, senior hunter, then master hunter. Probably less than 1% of all dogs competing receive the title of master hunter. It usually takes years of training – it took six in our case. It indicates that a dog is perfectly mannered and trained in hunting birds. The most sought-after hunting dog is a bird-pheasant hunter. They have to be perfectly polished, it is very very hard to achieve. Being in the field watching a dog with these skills, watching their hunting instincts and manners close up, is an honor. Weimaraners need something to do, so all these events were great for her. 


In addition to all this training, we showed Kacey to her AKC show championship. This took driving all around California for this years going to almost 100 dog shows. She also competed in AKC obedience shows and earned a novice title. The movie Best in Show was no joke. There are a lot of crazy dog owners.



3. Does she have a favorite places for a walk or favorite park?

Kacey loves the beach, Muir Woods, and hiking trails in Tennessee Valley. Although she has retired from her showing activities, she’s still very active. We do underwater treadmill twice a week in Mill Valley, go for walks at local beaches, in addition to her Pilates everyday. Many times, I see her eyeing the birds on the wire… re-living memories of chasing them.



4. Does she sleep in your bed?

She sleeps under the covers every night since she was little. 



5. Tell us something unique about her.

She’s part of an amazingly versatile breed that excels in hunting, obedience, and agility, but mostly, she’s incredibly sweet. She jumps into the bed every night, knows exactly when we’re going out, hunts food treats, and rides shotgun in my car. She will do anything to please. 



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Jessica Gliddon

Jessica Gliddon is the Group Digital Content Manager for Marin Magazine. An international writer and editor, she has worked on publications in the UK, Dubai and Cape Town. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, and is the former editor of Abu Dhabi’s airline magazine, Etihad Inflight. When she’s not checking out the latest exhibit at SFMOMA or searching out the best places to eat and drink near her home in San Francisco, she volunteers at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.