Must-See Music: March 2019

Must-See Music: March 2019, The Wood Brothers, Marin Magazine


March 1 Magic GiantAugust Hall– Doors 6:00/ Show 7:00 – $20.00

They are Magic and they are Giant. Formed in LA in 2014, they released their first studio album in 2017 and are taking the world by storm. I included them in an article last year called, “I Got Schooled at BottleRock” and had the pleasure of interviewing Austin Bisnow. Not to be missed.


March 1 Bob Mould (Noise Pop Festival)The Fillmore – Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $25.00

I have loved Bob Mould for years and can’t think of a better venue than The Fillmore to take in his guitar riffs. His solo work and his work in bands like Husker Du and Sugar have stood the test of time.



March 1-2 Peter MulveyThe Lost Church –  Doors 7:30/ Show 8:00 – $20.00-$25.00 – SOLD OUT

Stand in line to try to get tickets for this guy. Based in Wisconsin, he’s part of the rich fabric of the Boston singer-songwriter scene from the 90’s and 00’s. His song “November,” was on every mix CD I made for every boyfriend in college. His new album There is Another World was released just this February.  


March 5 Griffin House with Rick HardinHopMonk Novato –  Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $20.00 – $25.00

This is going to be a stellar night (you can always count on KC Turner to bring it!), with a line up of not one but two superstars. Rick Hardin is a local legend with a new album out, and Griffin House rose to fame in 2007 with his single, “The Guy that Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind,” and has been continuing to release dynamite music and tour nationally ever since.


March 7 Greg Loiacono BandSweetwater Music Hall –  Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $25.00 – $30.00

You’ve seen Greg – he’s backed every singing sensation in Marin, from Chris Robinson to Phil Lesh, and he’s one half of the duo The Mother Hips. He recently released his own solo album, Songs from a Golden Dream. With Scott Hirsch and Jamie Drake opening, this is one seated show you’re going to want to sink into.


March 8-9 The Wood BrothersThe Fillmore –  Doors 8:00/ Show 9:00 – $27.50

My. Favorite. I was blessed to discover these guys because they were the background music at a party I attended years ago – yes, I was that guest with my Shazam app held to the sky to find out who they were! Chris Wood is one of the founding members of Medeski Martin and Wood and Oliver Wood had a successful career as a musician with Tinsley Ellis and King Johnson before they came together to form their own band with multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix. Check out “Sing About it,” “Loaded, “ “Luckiest Man,” and/ or, “Postcards from Hell,” – then come out and dance with me.


March 8 GuitarmageddonTerrapin Crossroads –  Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $28.00

“Guitarmageddon Celebrates 50 years of Led Zeppelin.” This is when every guitarist you love from the Bay Area shares a stage. Tonight’s line up includes Stu Allen, James Nash, Jeff Miller, Sean Leahy, Vicki Randle, Pamela Parker, Ryan Smith, Jeremy Hoenig, and Jordan Feinstein, among others.


March 9-10 Ladysmith Black MambazoFreight and Salvage – Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $56.00-$60.00, Sunday Doors 1:00/ Show 2:00 – $52.00-56.00, Doors 6:00/ Show 7:00 – $47.00-$55.00

Before Ladysmith Black Mambazo became famous on Paul Simon’s Graceland album, they had already won wide acclaim singing African indigenous isicathamiya music.  Formed in 1960, this all male choral group has won five Grammy Awards.



March 8-9 Rebirth Brass BandAugust Hall – Doors 8:00/ Show 9:00 – $30.00

Founded in 1983, this New Orleans brass band will get you shaking your tail feathers. They won a Grammy in 2012 for Best Regional Roots Album. Check out “Feel Like Funkin’ it Up.”


March 12 Marc CohnSweetwater Music Hall – Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $55.00 – $65.00

Beloved pianist and singer-songwriter Marc Cohn is responsible for such beautiful hits as “Walkin’ in Memphis,” “Silver Thunderbird,” and “True Companion.” He won a Grammy in 1992 for Best New Artist.



March 14 Chris TrapperNeck of The Woods –  Doors 8:00/ Show 9:00 – $15.00-$20.00

This is another one of my favorite singer-songwriters from the Boston scene. Fresh off a national tour with Martin Sexton, Chris Trapper gets top billing tonight, with the luminous Mary Scholz as his opener. Formerly the lead singer of The Push Stars, his music has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. Check out, “Into the Bright Lights,” “Angel Appearing in a Small Café,” or my favorite, “The Accident.” Then check out my interview with him here.


March 15 G. Love & Special SauceThe Independent – Doors 8:00/ Show 9:00 – $35.00

Based in Philly, this man gives hip hop and funk a new name. Often associated with Jack Johnson, G Love is an acclaimed guitarist and songwriter in his own rite. Hits include, “Love Saves the Day,” and “I-76.”


March 15 Greg BrownFreight and Salvage –  Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $40.00-$44.00

Greg Brown is an American folk musician from Iowa. He’s recorded over two dozen albums and has been praised by Rolling Stone. He’s received several Grammy nominations over his esteemed career.


March 17 Green Leaf RustlersThe Independent –  Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $30.00-$33.00

Green Leaf Rustlers is Chris Robinson’s (The Black Crowes) latest musical collaboration. Robinson’s voice coupled with the guitar stylings of Greg Loiacono knocks his music out of the proverbial music ballpark.



March 19 Dar WilliamsFreight and Salvage – Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $38.00-$42.00

I have loved her music for years and can’t listen to Dar Williams without crying – the combination of her voice, songwriting, and performance is unmatched. She weaves a story like the most beautiful of tapestries. She was also one third of the trio Cry Cry Cry. Check out “As Cool as I Am,” “When I was a Boy,” and “The Christians and the Pagans.”


March 30 GalacticThe Warfield –  Show 8:00 – $39.50-$55.00

Galactic is a jam band from New Orleans, and they’ve been rocking out since the early 90’s. It’s been said they provide the perfect fusion of hip hop, electronica, and jazz. Listen to “I Got it (What You Need),” or “Rodeo.”


March 30 Sean HayesTerrapin Crossroads – Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00 – $25.00

Sean Hayes is another local legend whose music has provided the soundtrack for several TV shows and films. Check out “A Thousand Tiny Pieces,” “Powerful Stuff,” and “Rattlesnake Charm,” as well as my interview with him right here.


Emilie Rohrbach

Emilie Rohrbach has taught music and theater to grades pre-school through 8th in San Francisco and Marin counties for the last 20 years. She has been a freelance writer for Divine Caroline for five years, and her writing has appeared in Narratively, Hippocampus, Common Ground, Travelers’ Tales, and Marin Magazine, among others. She is passionate about Room to Read, Shanti Bhavan, and Destiny Arts and serves on the board of Knighthorse Theatre Company.