Park Progress

The Golden Gate National Recreational Area is entering a new era — this year, a new General Management Plan (GMP) replaces the old, which has been in place since 1980. “One of the most inspirational things about this new plan is that it carries on the vision of the park’s founders and reflects the ways in which people have come to use and love this unique area,” says Howard Levitt, director of communications and partnerships at the National Park Service. Here, a list of improvements to be implemented in Marin.

CAPEHART AREA Remove a cluster of houses on the north side of Bunker Road to restore and improve the parklike qualities of the Headlands; remove an additional structure to construct a centralized maintenance facility.

MARIN HEADLANDS Develop a visitor facility combining information and food service at Rodeo Beach; continue to restore the fortifications; continue to support park partners’ operations at Rodeo Beach.

MUIR WOODS Reorganize parking and pedestrian paths; formalize continued operation of the shuttle; reduce congestion and parking along Muir Woods Road; explore potential for thematic trails to interpret the conservation history as well as that of the primeval forest.

SLIDE RANCH Enhance the environmental and farm education center.

STINSON BEACH Renovate visitor facilities to adapt to rising sea levels; continue discussions with the community about parking and transit.