Unique Unions

Julie Lee and Brock Batten

Hatcher Pass, Alaska

Sometimes an adventure elopement means nothing goes as planned, yet everything turns out better than you could have imagined. After days of RV driving, drone flying and almost getting snowed in on the top of a glacier, this couple’s Alaskan adventure led them to the isolated Hatcher Pass. “I could not imagine a more appropriate place to get hitched,” says the groom. Total in attendance: six people, including the bride and the groom.

Sydney Bannerman and Ryan Condrashoff

Cow Track Ranch, Nicasio

Courtesy Theresa Vargo

“Everything from the start to the finish was a representation of us,” says the bride. What represents this intrepid duo? A horseback entrance and tying the knot in a field, followed by dancing and drinking whiskey with their nearest and dearest in a barn. The groom agrees: “We looked at how people traditionally do weddings, took what we liked, disregarded what we didn’t and did our own thing where it felt natural.”

Carol Korycinski and Peter McKibben

McCovey Cove, San Francisco

You don’t have to resign yourself to the standard fare when it comes to adding excitement to your wedding. While this wasn’t the first marriage for the bride or the groom, it was the inaugural one for the RocketBoat. The vessel holds a maximum of 100 (sopping wet) guests and offers other bonuses if you plan accordingly. This couple chose their date based on the Giants schedule and got featured on the jumbo screen and TV screens across the country.