View from Mt. Tam

Before we tell you what’s inside Marin this month, let’s talk about what’s outside—on the cover. The painting, The Umbrella Man by Marin artist Tim Horn, is one of the three winning entries for our second annual Get Covered contest. Information about Horn and the other winners, John Gowan and Judith Williams, is on page 20. Come and join us in celebrating these artists at the Marin Arts Salon held at California Closets on Thursday nights in May, starting on May 8 (see ads in the Calendar section for details).

Our features this month are even more visually beautifully than ever. First, Bay Area aerial photographer Robert Campbell takes us above Marin with a series of stunning images from his new book, Point Reyes and the San Andreas Fault Zone. Then, in Think, editor-at-large Tim Porter shows us the faces of the students of the Canal, where the politics of immigration collide with the dreams of children. In Home, writer P. J. Bremier and photographer Barbara Ries show us the lush work of landscape architect Pete Pedersen, who’s been telling people’s stories through their gardens for 25 years. Finally, in Journey, writer-photographer John Ritter is off to Indonesia, where he spends a month motorbiking, snorkeling and hunting for the elusive Komodo dragon.
Conversation engages with Marilee Eckert, founder of the Marin Conservation Corps; FYI People puts the microphone in front of voiceover specialist Samantha Paris; Dialogue queries Deb Hubsmith of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition; FYI Kids highlights John Berry, principal of Davidson Middle School, and FYI Causes features Eda Cole, Pieter Bogaards, and Roshan Jain, attorneys honored for their local pro bono work.

Also in this issue, Trends clocks the latest styles in men’s and women’s watches; Microclimate visits Paradise Cay in Tiburon; Flavor tastes the best of local guacamole; and Looking Back focuses on the magical Marin Art & Garden Center.

As always, our wish is for your good reading. Enjoy Marin Magazine, as we continue to celebrate this
extraordinary place!

Lisa Shanower, Publisher
Nikki Wood, Editorial Director
Jim Wood, Executive Editor