Seaplane Santa Visits the Kids of Marin

Seaplane Adventures was founded in 1945 and is easily recognizable as a small yellow seaplane soaring high above the Golden Gate Bridge, or maneuvering its famed water landing in Richardson Bay. During the holidays, the sturdy DeHaviland Beaver becomes a mechanical sleigh carrying Santa Singer (his daughters and student pilots, Samantha and Amelia), Mrs. Claus (Aaron’s wife, Saskia Thompson) and a load of presents for Southern Marin’s low income children.

How long have you been delivering presents to kids?

I’ve been flying presents to kids for 13 years now. 

What inspired you?

My friend Felecia Gaston and I came up with the idea. She had already been doing the toy drive with the Southern Marin Fire District and we decided to have Santa fly the toys to the kids.

Do you bring real gifts?


People from all over Marin donate gifts every year, the Southern Marin Fire Department collects them for us. Financial contributions can be made to Performing Stars of Marin.

Did you love Santa growing up?

I’m Jewish! How does a Jewish kid from Oklahoma end up becoming Seaplane flying Santa Claus in San Francisco?

What date are you flying presents this year?

December 20th!