What Was New in Marin in August 2015

Sweet Treats

Looking for a cookie fix? Call the Chipper Cookie Company. Based here in Marin, Stephanie Rach of Corte Madera bakes made-to-order cookies for any occasion in a professional kitchen — and she delivers; thechippercookiecompany.com. Did someone say gluten free? 1. The Grand Meringue’s Janet Ryvin and Jane Friedman have taken a generations-old family recipe and applied it to present-day confections. You can purchase at local farmers’ markets, Bay Area specialty shops and online; thegrandmeringue.com.


Ori and Nicole DeLecca of 2. Bliss Ala Mode, currently at Pier 39, have opened a second location here in Fairfax featuring crystal jewelry and classic pearls; blissalamode.com. Pure Glam blowout bar has opened at the Town Center in Corte Madera. Owner Tara Verkuil uses her own organic product line to make hair look perfect; shoptowncenter.com.

Eat Out

Central San Rafael is your go-to spot if you are craving Mexican food. 3. Green Chile Kitchen + Cantina has opened as part of the Art Works Downtown building on Fourth Street; greenchilekitchen.com. Venture over to Lincoln Avenue in San Rafael, and you’ll find Los Moles, a casual dining option that uses only fresh ingredients in its family recipes; losmoles.com.


Attention all shoppers: Sprouts Farmers Market is open in Central San Rafael on Irwin Street; sprouts.com. The next time you walk into a Paradise Foods, you may notice a change. 4. Nugget Markets, a family-owned market based near Sacramento, has purchased the local grocery chain. All three locations will remain open through the transition; nuggetmarket.com.