5 Tasty Gluten-Free Dishes in Marin

When my friend, Erika Lenkert, was launching her Gluten-Free Quarterly Magazine … and thought she must have some favorite gluten-free dishes here in Marin. Did she miss a good one? ( Like the sweet rice dumplings from Harmony) Let us know!

Chili-lime brick chicken at Buckeye: A near perfect dish that never disappoints, it’s got a bit of everything—beautifully spiced and crisp-skinned chicken, a gooey cheese-stuffed pasilla pepper, and polenta sticks (though I prefer the bygone soft polenta). Still, it’s hard to contend with Buckeye’s chicken wings and oysters Bingo.

Carne asada tacos at Marinitas: With beautifully seasoned bits of meat and just the right amount of flavor-boosting condiments atop corn tortillas, they’re decadent and satisfying but petite enough that I don’t feel I’ve over indulged.

Dynamite roll at Sushi Ko: I’m a creature of habit, and I practically mainline this generous roll filled with spicy Hamachi and avocado and topped with spice mayo and tobiko. Holding the usually included tempura flakes and dipping in tamari sauce (available upon request) makes it solidly gluten free.

Organic grass-feed Morbier cheeseburger at Le Garage: Leave off the bun but bring on the matchstick fries and garlicky aioli, serve it against the absurdly beautiful backdrop that is the Sausalito waterfront and you’ve got my favorite Friday lunch indulgence. Though when I’m good I opt for the steamed mussels or their generous salad with lobster or shrimp.

Chicken korma at Lotus: The chunks of chicken shrouded in creamy Indian-spiced sauce are so delicious my eight-year-old devours it despite its spiciness. Plus, this restaurant is the only place I know to find gluten-free naan and beer on the menu. What’s not to like?