Q&A with Kathryn Servino of Servino Ristorante



MM: When did Servino Ristorante open and what is its Italian origin?
Kathryn Servino: My husband Angelo and I bought Enrico’s on Ark Row in 1978. Angelo is from Acri, Italy, which is in Calabria. We have been the owners here for the entire 40 years. Our sons, Natale, 38, and Vittorio, 28, both work in the restaurant today.


MM: What is your most popular all-time dish?
KS: Pollo al forno has been on the menu since we opened and is still very popular.


MM: How has the menu evolved over the decades?
KS: The menu has become smaller over time, with more focus on seasonal organic products and supporting Marin purveyors. We also make all of our fresh pasta in house.


MM: What was your most popular dish 40 years ago, and what is the most popular today?
KS: When we first opened, our most popular dish was veal piccata. Today, our most popular dish is housemade pappardelle with braised beef tenderloin.


MM: How many pounds of tomatoes have you used in 40 years?
KS: We have used 344,000 pounds of San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy.