Thursday Lunch – Sol Food (Mill Valley)

It’s here, it’s here! No, not Valentine’s Day. Something much, much better – Sol Food in Mill Valley! It’s officially open for business and we are officially responsible for trying it for you.

This is our Thursday Lunch blog, where we pick a restaurant in Marin, order food, eat it and blog about the things we like (it's a Pollyanna version of Julie Powell in Julie & Julia).

Does Mill Valley's Sol Food match up with the San Rafael location? Read on and found out…


Pollo Al Horno (free range chicken/wheat free): boneless, skinless chicken thighs marinated with oregano and garlic then baked. Served with rice, pink or black beans, organic salad and fried plantain, $9.25 (1 pc)

Luncher: Sophie

Thoughts: I usually order the rotisserie chicken, but it’s not available at the Mill Valley location yet. So, I ordered the one piece chicken thigh. It was quite tasty, though I don’t typically like dark meat. Sol Food’s white rice is unlike any white rice I have ever tasted. SO GOOD! And the plantains – they never disappoint. I got two of the garlic ones (the best ones, in my opinion) and they were tasty, crispy and delicious. There is usually so much food I can’t finish it all (or, I force myself not to), but today, I ate every last bite.

Ensalada Con Pollo (free range chicken/wheat free): baked chicken thighs, tomato, avocado and picked pink onion served on organic greens with our lemon-garlic dressing (small), $8.95

Luncher: Michele

Thoughts: “Now I know what the long lines are about!” says Michele upon her first taste of Sol Food. She says the salad is very fresh – perfect tomatoes and avocado (“where they just picked from the garden?”). Large chicken piece was AMAZING!

Vegetariano (vegan/wheat free): pink or black beans served over rice, with organic salad, fresh avocado and fried plantain (small), $7.50

Luncher: Calin

Thoughts: Calin decided to play it safe – she ordered the same dish she’s been ordering from Sol Food for years. It never disappoints, she says. She inhaled it, yet “still feels great about life and myself.”

Vegetariano (vegan/wheat free): pink or black beans served over rice, with organic salad, fresh avocado and fried plantain (large), $9.50

Lunchers: Mimi/Dana

Thoughts: Mimi is a sharer – she likes to share dishes with others. However, this meal might have changed her. She split it with Dana and regrets not having enough food because it was so good. Dana also enjoyed her meal, particularly the dressing on the salad. “It was my favorite Thursday Lunch so far!” she exclaims.

Mariquitas: green plantain sliced thin and fried crispy. Served with tangy sauce for dipping, $5.75

Luncher: Michele

Thoughts: We all dug into these and thought they were incredible. Michele says the are 100 times better than any potato chip could be – and so much healthier!

Ponche: half mango iced tea and half limeade – A.K.A. Arnoldo Palmerol, $3.75

Luncher: Michele

Thoughts: This was recommended by Leah and Michele was grateful, She says it was incredibly refreshing. Last words: “Meet me in line at Sol Food?”

Sol Food Restaurant

401 Miller Ave

Mill Valley, CA 94941