Thursday Lunch – The Dipsea Cafe

Lunch is very important here at Marin Magazine, so when we were contemplating our next blog post, we thought “Hey, why not create a blog around food?” We’ve done it before, but not like this. Every Thursday, we are committed to picking a place in Marin, ordering food, eating it and blogging about it. (Kind of like a Pollyanna version of Julie Powell in Julie & Julia, except instead of cooking, we’re eating.)

This week, we chose The Dipsea Café in Mill Valley. The restaurant has been around since 1986 and was named after the Dipsea Race. It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner (Greek food only after 4 p.m.).

Why did we choose it?

  1. Convenience: it’s close to our office in Sausalito
  2. Familiarity: I’ve ordered take-out before and remember it being swift and delicious
  3. The food: there’s something for everyone

Now, sitting at my desk feeling like I’m going to explode I’m so full, let me tell you what we thought:

BBQ Chicken Fiesta Salad: romaine lettuce, bbq chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes, tortilla chips, avocado, jack and cheddar cheese, $13.75

Foodie: Sophie S.

Thoughts: I have a confession to make – I’ve had this dish before several times. I knew what I was getting and boy did I get it – a heaping plate of lettuce, chicken and other goodies (minus the black beans – yuck) drenched in guacamole, sour cream and barbeque sauce. I popped open the lid of the plastic box and had only one thought – Ah, the Fat Kid Special. I really (really) don’t want to know how many calories it contains. To make myself feel better, I keep thinking – “Oh, but you didn’t eat it all, so you’re okay.” The portion was humungous. I don’t think I’ll eat again ever (well, at least not until 4 o’clock snack time). But calories aside, it was delicious. It was a fiesta in my mouth, a tasty trip to Mexico, a Fourth of July barbeque celebration! I also got an order of fries (if you’ve read my blog about French fries, this won’t surprise you), which were fry-licious.

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich: on a rosemary roll, with honey-mustard aioli, Japanese cabbage, tomato and Havarti cheese, served with French fries/soup/salad/coleslaw or potato salad, $11.95

Foodie: Michele J.

Thoughts: Very generous portion – she gave half to sales rep Dana Horner (lucky, lucky!). With the first bite came an irrepressible “mmmmmm.” She particularly enjoyed the lightly grilled rosemary roll and melted flavor of the grilled chicken. She says, “Thanks so much for turning me on to this sandwich.”

Baby Spinach Salad: with bacon, hard-boiled egg, beets, tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, goat cheese and candied pecans, $11.95

Foodie: Mimi T.

Thoughts: While she is a huge fan of the Dipsea Café, she probably wouldn't get the Spinach Salad to go next time. For the cost, she expected more excitement (she ogled with jealousy at my colorful Fiesta salad). Mimi will go back for their BLT with avocado or the Cobb Salad – both of which she’s tasted before and liked – or any breakfast (she loves the biscuits!).

From left to right: BBQ Chicken Fiesta Salad, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, Baby Spinach Salad

The Dipsea Café

200 Shoreline Highway

Mill Valley, CA 94941