Pressed For Time: JUICERO

When it comes to being effortlessly cool, consider Juicero this year’s prom king. Say hello to the first at-home, cold-pressed juicing system that processes organic, raw fruits and veggies with no prep or cleanup. This $700 high-tech juicer is described by CEO Doug Evans as “a combination of the iPhone and Tesla.” Juicero is doing for juice what Keurig did for coffee. Simply insert a pack filled with 10 ounces of triple washed produce and push the button (don’t worry, there’s only one). Two minutes later you have yourself a glass of Juicero’s tasty liquid greens. Make sure to reserve time for the one second of cleanup as you throw the used pack in the garbage. Need reassurance that your produce is organic? Juicero can do better than that. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to find out which farms your produce comes from, its health benefits and calorie count. Juice packs are delivered straight to your door, cost $4-$10 per pack, and last 5 days. Wouldn’t Siri be impressed?