Visualizing 2012

The temptation to yearn for renewal with the arrival of the New Year is hard to resist — and Sausalito’s Bonnie Bruderer, CEO of  V.I.S.S. International (, just may have a way to make that wish a reality. Bruderer’s company promotes the use of vision boards, photo collages — like the one shown above — made famous by overachievers such as Oprah, Andre Agassi and Ellen DeGeneres.

The hoi polloi was introduced to the concept via the 2006 movie The Secret, in which the handsome John Assaraf revealed that through the power of the law of attraction he was actually living in the exact home he had unwittingly posted on his vision board years earlier.

Bruderer has worked closely with motivational speakers including Assaraf and Tony Robbins for more than a decade and has personally coached thousands toward reaching their goals. Why vision boards? “There is scientific research that states our minds think in pictures, and by having a vision board we are giving an instruction to our conscious and subconscious mind to seek out what we want,” she explains. “Up to 95 percent of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are determined in the subconscious mind, and with so much information bombarding us the vision board acts as a tool to change those filters.”

Want to make your own vision board? “Easy,” says Bruderer (shown above). “The more specific the better.” To begin your own vision board collage, jot down your goals by health, relationship, finance and career categories, then flip through magazines to find images that correspond with those goals. Cut, paste, display — and then wait for the law of attraction to change your world.