Readers Respond

Supervisor Charles McGlashan came across as intelligent, articulate and passionate (Conversation, October), but I have a couple of problems with his vision of a car-free Marin. I can hop in my PTV (personal transportation vehicle) and do errands, play golf and visit friends and family in minutes. How would my life change if I had to rely on public transportation to do all this? Supervisor McGlashan cites the example of Delft and other European cities that have embraced public transit. These places are not Marin County, and their residents don’t lead our lives. We live in an increasingly frenetic society where personal time is at a premium, where we travel long distances to work, shop and play. Except for moving masses of job-holders in the morning and evening, how does public transit address these real needs? I would like to know.
Ken Sablik, Novato

I just returned from vacation and saw the current Marin Magazine. It looks beautiful! I was delighted to see Jim Shay’s art on the cover. Jim is on our board and a longtime MAC member, not to mention a terrific artist! Thanks for a great magazine. Keep up the good work.
Jeanne Bogardus, executive director Marin Arts Council

Correction: In the September 2007 issue of Marin Magazine, the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa’s rack rates mentioned in Go, page 124, “Ch, Ch, Changes,” are incorrect. Rack rates are from $499 to $800 for guest rooms and $750 to $5,800 for tower suites.

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