Readers Respond

I couldn’t agree more with Marin Magazine’s December POV article “Bring Back the Bustle: Keeping Marin’s Downtowns Alive and Well.” Mill Valley’s charming downtown area was a significant determining factor in my decision to move to Marin several years ago; today it is still quaint but has lost some of its appeal. The same goes for Sausalito and Tiburon. As with the majority of Marin County residents, I would like to see our downtown areas grow.
Michelle A. Clark, via e-mail

I had a strong reaction to the “Mind Your Manners” story in the November issue and want to share my observations. If someone else uses your bread plate, you do not correct him or her at the table. It’s more polite to just go without saying anything. Regarding passing the salt and pepper: pass both the salt and pepper. I agree with that. When I was growing up I wanted to know why. Passing both salt and pepper together keeps them from becoming separated so that another diner wanting both does not have to wait for two conversations to be completed to get them. Hopefully these insights, courtesy of my very elegant mother and grandmother, are worth considering. From an otherwise happy reader!
Teresa Rea, Mill Valley

I totally agree with Jim Wood’s “Fall: The Season of Optimism,” (November). All of us should make an effort to be more ecologically friendly, improve access to West Marin and last but not least, help improve the Civic Center. Reading your article leaves me with optimism and hope. Thank you!
Jacqueline Smith, Corte Madera

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