Readers Respond

>> In appreciation


Love, Love, Love Marin Magazine! Keep up the good work as we look forward to its arrival in the mail every month.

Frannie & Jonathan Field, Sausalito

I don’t understand how Marin Magazine can make each issue better than the last, but that continues to be the case. The May 2008 articles —“Children of the Canal,” “Just Call Her Mom” and “Journey Indonesia,” among others — as always made for great reading. And those aerial photos by Robert Campbell were simply unbelievable. Once again, they illustrate what an outstanding place we live in.

Wes Starratt, San Rafael




>> Pesty point

I appreciated Jim Wood’s POV on the light brown apple moth (LBAM), but key points are missing: UC Davis entomologist Dr. James R. Carey has talked to numerous esteemed UC entomologists, and not one believes the LBAM can be eradicated. Carey says that given its widespread distribution, the LBAM is not a recent invader, but has been here for up to 50 years! Dr. Daniel Harder, director of the UC Santa Cruz arboretum, says the LBAM needs evaluation as to whether the moth is even an actual pest, as there has been no quantifiable crop damage in California. He believes we need to integrate the containment model of New Zealand where LBAM has posed no damage, and where they do not spray for the moth. Natural predators can control 80 to 90 percent of LBAM populations. Both Harder and Carey believe we need to use alternative containment methods and revisit U.S. trade policies to get the LBAM off the most wanted list!





Jill Robinson, Corte Madera




>> No more plastic bags

Please, oh Please—stop sending out the magazines in plastic wrap! Even if the plastic is made from potato skins, it’s still using resources to produce — and production usually creates emissions. The magazine covers are beautiful. They are not precious. It seems particularly ironic in this environmentally focused county.

Kim Sutton, Woodacre

First off, the good news! There are certain aspects of your magazine that I really enjoy. Especially the POV editorial column and at least one other article per issue. But, I was disappointed in my latest issue. It came in a plastic bag. All of my previous issues arrived quite nicely. Maybe this was a decision based in part on your advertisers, maybe not. I am sending the wrapper back to make a basic point. I hope it can create some small change.

Michael Conti, Fairfax

Editors note: The plastic bag for the May issue was necessary because of the insert delivered along with the magazine. We agree that it is better to deliver without the bag, but there are a few times throughout the year when we are required to send the magazine in a bag to keep all materials intact.



>> Paradise Cay feedback

My wife and I have been residents in Paradise Cay since January 1972. We have witnessed its growth and enjoyed the “paradise” of the Cay, over these many years. Your article hit a few high notes to which I would like to add my comments and objections as well. First Tom Mosely, not Tim, his dad, has been receiving fines for work not completed as directed. He has done a fine job in clearing out what were the items and issues involved, and has worked diligently in completing the expansion of the Marina berthing capacity, driving concrete piles to retain newly constructed berths, and so on. It has been a massive undertaking, 0along with dredging the harbor and its entrance. The description of a mess is incorrect. Such a statement from “a local leader” is in fact, incorrect. I am merely pointing out that presently, June 2008, has to be the description’s focal point, not yesterday—remembering the date of this issue is May 2008, not May 2007, when such a negative comment would have been accurate. In addition, such a comment detracts from the beauty of the article and photos—like a kiss, then a slap. The photos were excellent. I just want readers to know that as far as we are concerned, Tom has done a fine job. True, quite a bit late, but as they say, better late than never.

Nicholas J. Caputo, Paradise Cay

Thank you for your article on Paradise Cay. We have lived here for four fabulous years, and consider it the best-kept secret in all of Marin County. We enjoy the perfect weather without the tourists; proximity to the freeway and shopping within five minutes of scenic drive, without the traffic; we are rarely, if ever, in the local police and fire report; we have wide streets, underground utilities and sidewalks; homes have garages and flat yards; and the neighbors are neighborly. After Charles McGlashan was elected, the Cay (not Mosleyville!) saw some teeth in the laws protecting the zoning of the Yacht Club, so Tim Mosley is making huge progress on the new marina. It is beautiful, and its completion is inevitable and imminent. Despite previous plans to retire closer to our children, both my husband and myself, as well as our neighbors, have decided that the only way we will ever leave the Cay is in a pine box!

Margaret Bannerman, Paradise Cay

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