Readers Respond

>> West Marin fan

I was happy to read the April POV on a weekend away in West Marin. After four years as innkeepers, we are surprised how many people come from “over the hill.” Ours is a wonderful place to visit and less than a hour away. Also, your coverage of the “battle” between our two local newspapers was very insightful!
Patsy Faulkner, innkeeper
Inverness Secret Garden Cottage

>> Camp Everytown

I really enjoyed seeing the coverage of Camp Everytown at Tamalpais High School in your May issue. This is a unique program that depends on the generous funding of school and community organizations to ensure that it remains free of charge to all students. This past fall we were fortunate to receive $15,000 from the Tam High Foundation, $10,000 from Marin Charitable, $3,000 from the Mill Valley Rotary and $2,000 from the Sausalito Lions, as well as numerous donations from parents and community members. Every donation made to these wonderful organizations allows them to continue their excellent work as benefactors to the community at large. These “extracurricular” activities often are the most memorable and potentially life-changing for our students. Focusing our energies on cultivating positive experiences for our youth —rather than punitive measures—will in the long run be our best investment. Thank you.
Eric Saibel, assistant principal
Sir Francis Drake High School

>> Kudos to Canal Niños

As Canal Alliance’s board president, I wish to thank Marin Magazine for its article, “Sueños de Niños,” in the May 2008 issue. It would have been valuable enough if Tim Porter’s thoughtful words and beautiful photos took “immigration” out of abstraction, and showed readers the faces of immigration in our own community. In addition, Tim gave the children portrayed in the magazine a wonderful gift: sharing their dreams with the readers. The young people of the Canal Neighborhood have dreams and terrific goals. Tim and Marin Magazine provided unique insight into the world of the Canal’s youth. Thank you, Marin Magazine and Tim Porter. Please come back to the Canal neighborhood; many of Marin’s future leaders are here.
Mara Perez, board president
Canal Alliance

>> Keep it green

In Jim Wood’s POV (“Green Option,” June) regarding Community Choice Aggregation, he stated that as much as 40 percent of the 240 megawatts Marin consumes could responsibly be generated locally. Could he (or someone) please tell me how this would be done? No one ever talks about where this green energy will come from. In order to make a responsible decision, I think everyone should know the source of this energy. Why is this not being discussed publicly?
Don Taylor, Novato

Regarding the POV on the Green Option, Community Choice Aggregation, there are a number of factors to be considered before citizens decide whether or not to join Marin Clean Energy. I invite your readers to review the much more detailed information on my web site:
Gene Dyer, San Rafael

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