Readers Respond

>> Inspiring Redwoods
Thank you for another great issue of Marin. I particularly enjoyed the article about The Redwoods in Mill Valley and the amazing group of people who live there. They set a splendid example of how to maintain a vigorous and engaged way of life regardless of one’s age. I’ve come to believe that communal living in places such as The Redwoods can provide the stimulation and support that I will be seeking some day. After reading this article, and noting the waiting list of up to five years, I can see that I need to plan ahead. Kudos to Marin for profiling interesting people of all ages and income levels who personify the diversity and spirit of Marin County.
Barbara Webb, San Rafael

>> Respect the troops
In answer to Hugh Scott’s equating opposition to the Iraq war to disrespect for our troops (December Letters). I wonder if he would place his Belvedere neighbors in this category since over 60 percent of them voted for Obama. I think that the real America showed itself on November 4th by electing Obama president. I think we respect our troops by advocating getting them out of Iraq.
Jack Edelman, via e-mail

Corrections: On page 28 of the December issue we incorrectly gave the date of Hanukkah as December 11. The Festival of Lights actually began on December 21. Also in the December issue on page 82, photo credit goes to Usama Jalil Nahi of the International Medical Corps. Marin Magazine apologizes for the errors.

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