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Age Well

The “Science of Aging” (July and August) article was extremely helpful — the breakdown of food sources given is so beneficial for my diet. I’m excited to implement the food sources given and see what happens. The portion on rest was also interesting, as I have sleep apnea and will consider doing the 10-minute restorative pose daily to see if it alleviates my daytime fatigue. Thank you. MONI BOYD, SOLANA BEACH, VIA ONLINE

Would you please clarify which yoga pose Michael Feldman is recommending for “healing all of the body’s systems, including metabolism, nervous and digestion”? The article says Feldman recommends the savasana pose as “propping the legs up against a wall as you lie on your back with support …” When I Googled “savasana” I found that that pose is known as the corpse pose and the legs are on the ground. I would like to try the correct pose. SAL, VIA EMAIL

Eds.: Good catch. Yes, the pose is also known as the corpse pose. The propping up of the legs is a variation on that pose.

The Ultimate Punishment

Hi, Jim. In regards to your article (POV, August), I have a few questions. Are you for assisted suicide and abortion, yet against executions? Can’t you see that is hypocritical and they are the same thing? I am OK with ending the life of someone convicted of murder. As far as the cost, I am fine with not paying for the convict’s three hot meals a day, health care and higher education. I don’t believe it costs more to end it than to support the convict for 30-plus years. Your point of view is off base. ANNE RUSSELL, VIA EMAIL

Hello Jim. As always, I enjoy reading your point of view. I have mixed feelings in regard to the death penalty, though I would imagine if I had a horrific act committed against me or family or anyone I am close to, I would want justice comparable to the level of the act. Sometimes forgiveness is not forthcoming and the check and balance is the amount of time it takes to execute offenders at the expense of taxpayers — there is no easy solution or answer. Maybe capital punishment is barbaric; on the other hand the prisoner is guaranteed shelter, food and medical care, whereas those of us whose lives are impacted by crime are saddled with all sorts of consequences. JADE LEONG, MILL VALLEY, VIA EMAIL

Mr. Wood, I believe you should ask the families of the loved ones murdered, tortured, raped and God knows what else at the hands of a death row inmate their point of view. LAURIE EHLERS, VIA EMAIL

I read with great interest your article about the death penalty and the situation at San Quentin State Prison. Instead of continuing to spend millions on capital punishment, why not have each state contribute to a fund, to provide enough money to purchase like a 200-square mile parcel of land, maybe down in the desert somewhere. Then, build an impenetrable fence around it, 100 feet high and 100 feet into the ground, electrify it and use barbed wire. No doors, windows or gates. No cells, no mess halls, no guards, no hospital, no television, no visitor facilities. Then, when someone is convicted of a capital crime, they are flown over the compound and parachuted in. If they survive for a while, fine. If someone else inside kills them, so what? What makes this a perfect solution: we have not killed anyone. We do not have to deal with these killers in our society anymore. We do not have to spend millions and millions of dollars to keep building more facilities to kill people, for killing people. Think of the money it would save? TRENT ANDERSON, NOVATO, VIA EMAIL


Photos from Marin General Hospital’s “Bombay Dreamy” event (On the Scene, August) contained caption mistakes. The correct names are: Mike and Sharon Stone and Pat and Joe Abrams; Jack Datz, Shawn Cleary and Lee Domanico; Mark and Stephanie Robinson and Nancy and Skip Kniesche.

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