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Marin’s Homeless

Dear Jim Wood, I am so pleased to have someone who will write an article such as yours (POV, “Homeless in Marin,” December) because I agree with you completely. It is a lovely and well-written article that we have needed for a long time now. I believe the idea you mention is one of the best anyone could have come up with and just pray that everyone will write in and agree so something can be done about the homeless. Most of the homeless are there because they want to be and won’t work because they get more not working. They get free food, clothing, health care and homes, so what else do they need? GEORGIA BEEBE, VIA EMAIL

Absolutely brilliant idea. Thank you, Hugo Landecker. What we are doing currently, and have been doing for many years, is simply not working. The increased number of homeless in the most recent census speaks to that. I believe Italy has a similar concept in place with a large housing and rehab program for the homeless in their country and it’s been a tremendous success. Hope our state and county administrators are paying attention to this suggestion. ARLINE VAN GESSEL, SAN RAFAEL, VIA EMAIL

When Mr. Landecker states that many people might possibly be enablers, whom does he think is being enabled? The many people who don’t (for the most part) want to be in this deplorable situation or the government who should be taking care of the many who fall through the cracks? Keep in mind there are other programs here in Marin that train and house people to transition them back to a normal life, such as New Beginnings and Homeward Bound in Novato. San Rafael is a major hub with businesses and jobs. If shunted off to Sonoma, would people be trained to re-enter society and get jobs up there? Who would be paying for the upkeep of the place and feeding while the people are living there? If I’m missing something here, please let me know. ROZ SEIDEN, LARKSPUR, VIA EMAIL

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