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Equator Debater

Having recently returned from a trip to Ecuador, I thoroughly enjoyed your article (Journey, April) about this beautiful and varied place. The article accurately describes the wonders of Ecuador. However, I must disagree with the author’s observation regarding the direction of draining water on either side of the equator as demonstrated in the museum. While it is true that there is a difference in the direction of the movement of draining water on either side of the equator, this would not be apparent so close to the actual equator. What was observed by the writer was the result of a parlor trick. If one Googles the equator museum demonstration and views it several times one can see what is actually done to get the water to drain one way in the Northern Hemisphere and the other way on the Southern side. I may be nitpicking, but other than that this was a wonderful article and I do recommend that people visit this country.

Connecting to Nepal

Thank you for shining the light on not just the amazing locations that make Marin a wonderful place to live but the incredible people who enrich life here. Your profile of Jay Tamang (On the Job, May) was a wonderful tribute to someone who brings a smile to my face every time I grocery-shop. Jay has been a wonderful resource for connecting local kids to the issues facing Nepal’s children, and in doing so he truly has his feet firmly planted in both his ancestral and his adopted home. Marin’s adventurous and caring community should take note that he guides socially conscious travel expeditions to Nepal, with the next trip planned for October 2017, a rare opportunity for an authentic connection with the Nepalese people and a chance to hike its beautiful countryside while giving back by working with the rural schools Jay founded.

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