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Bar Talk

I cannot believe you would do a major piece on Marin dive bars (“Dive Bars,” December 2014) and not include the oldest dive bar in Marin. The Dugout Bar in San Anselmo’s historic American Legion Log Cabin has the oldest liquor license in Marin County. It has been an underground dive since 1934. Most people do not even know about our bar because it is so beloved the locals don’t want you talking about it. But the bartenders there are all volunteers, and we want you to know about our bar. We have a lot of games, a bar cat, cheap drinks and tons of historic memorabilia. Please consider giving us a spotlight at some point — we really are a hidden gem in Marin. STACEY KAMP, DUGOUT MANAGER, VIA EMAIL

In your dive bar article, you should have identified what “PBR” stands for (I assume Pabst Blue Ribbon) and what that beer’s significance is in the context of the dive bars. THOMAS WOOD, VIA EMAIL

I would like to thank you for including Pete’s 881 Club in the December issue. We love it. My family was very excited, and our family at Pete’s gave a great response too. We thought it was an amazing piece all around. I have heard from other bar owners about their satisfaction as well. Thank you for making the term “dive bar” pleasant; you painted a great picture of Marin’s rich bar history. We are proud to have been a part of it. JOHNATHAN PELLOLIO, OWNER OF PETE’S 881 CLUB, VIA EMAIL

The Art of Words

I was excited to read Jim Wood’s interview with poet Jane Hirshfield (Conversation, November 2014). Despite its brevity, it conveyed the elusive process of creating poetry from one of that art’s most highly acclaimed living practitioners. It gave fresh meaning to the important role poetry can play in our lives both individually and collectively. Hirshfield is an excellent example of the amazing world class talent we have right here in Marin. I applaud your magazine’s efforts to showcase that fact. PEGGY CURRAN, VIA EMAIL

For the Oceans

Thank you so much for publishing information about All One Ocean’s beach cleanup stations (Currents, November). As a 28-year resident of Marin County, I want to acknowledge the activism, beauty and inspiration of the people and places of Marin, which gave me the idea for the stations. The stations really are homegrown and are spreading throughout the world, like so many other things that began in Marin. Also, thanks for running Irene Young’s photo with the piece. HALLIE AUSTEN IGLEHART, FOUNDER, ALL ONE OCEAN, VIA EMAIL

Beautiful Marin

I was delighted to see Jim Wood’s reference (POV, January 2015) to how Marinites are addressing important issues here and wanted to let you know about some wonderful programs whose members are working to keep beautiful Marin beautiful: Marin Clean Highways, Sausalito Beautiful, Clean Mill Valley, Think Out of the Cup, Dog Poopola and Promotoras Verdes. MARY O’MARA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF MARINLINK, VIA EMAIL


The article (Q&A, January 2015) about Ann Killion has a mistake inserted by whoever edited the piece. Goodell is the commissioner of football, not baseball, and hence the player referred to in the story who assaulted his wife, Ray Rice, is a football player, not a baseball player. You might want to issue a correction in the next issue. TOM KOEGEL, VIA EMAIL

Eds.: Roger Goodell is indeed the Commissioner of the National Football League. We regret the error and have corrected it in our online editions.

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