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In Charge

Hi, Jim Wood; several readers called my attention to Citizen Marin being named in your column in the February issue (POV). Thanks for the acknowledgement. In 2015, working with activists from the 11 municipalities and the unincorporated areas, we plan to do more to develop a collaborative environment to address pressing needs in the county. You asked, “Did I leave out anyone, or any group?” and the answer is yes. Bob Silvestri, founder of Community Venture Partners, is one of the thought-leaders who is guiding Marin’s destiny. Thanks for the magazine. It’s beautiful and thought provoking. SUSAN KIRSCH, CITIZEN MARIN CO-FOUNDER, VIA EMAIL

Jim Wood, how could you forget Mary Jane Burke? Even more fabulous now than when Marin Magazine wrote about her in 2009 with stats about all her schools, employees and students. She is an absolutely incredible Marin leader with extraordinary influence, power and success, with Trisha Garlock and their jointly created SchoolsRule Marin right behind. DEBORAH GOLDMAN, CHAIR OF KIDDO!, VIA EMAIL

Marin on the Move

Jim, I liked your article (POV, January). I think trolleys are a great idea. Cars are a scourge. The more cars there are, the worse people behave while driving them. Trolleys would bring our community together. You have my vote. JOSEPH SHIRADO, VIA EMAIL


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