Dr. Laura Blankenship: How You Can Secure Your Daughter’s Professional Future

Today’s global challenges are increasingly complex, dynamic and entrenched. Finding solutions to these challenges will require professionals capable of leveraging more technical and scientific skills, but these skills must be combined with creative thinking and humanistic perspectives to create solutions that are sustainable and equitable. Women are poised to make significant contributions to solving the world’s problems in this way. Yet, women still face barriers to entry into STEM fields — the very fields that hold the most promise for making a difference.

San Francisco Girls’ School has its finger on the pulse of this systemic issue, and has established a program that offers a bright future for tomorrow’s female trailblazers.

An innovative STEM education integrated with the arts and design will prepare your daughter for the future. It will inspire her to rise to challenges. More importantly, this kind of curriculum will hone skills like critical problem-solving, data analysis, programming, and iterative learning — skills that will be crucial for finding success in any profession. 

San Francisco Girls’ School will provide its students with the skills and confidence to become the resourceful leaders of tomorrow with boundless aspirations. 

People often ask me “why an all-girls school?” I am a great believer in and advocate for all-girls education models, having experienced first-hand for 20 years the research that proves the academic, social-emotional and leadership advantages it provides. For example, research shows that graduates of all-girls high schools are six times more likely to major in STEM fields, twice as likely to earn a PhD and three times more likely to pursue an engineering career than girls from coed schools. Because girls lead every aspect of school life — student government, sports teams, clubs, events — this formative leadership experience inspires 80 percent of girls’ school graduates to continue holding leadership roles later in life.  

In addition to these strong academic outcomes, girls’ schools create a sense of belonging that leads to less stress and more confidence. This is due to two main factors: First, students in girls’ schools have higher-quality interactions with their teachers, who serve as important mentors; second, students have more supportive relationships with their peers. 

All of this leads to girls having confidence in their voice, their ability to lead, and their belief that they can succeed and belong in any field, even those that are currently dominated by men.

Join us and watch your daughter become a pioneer and leader who will not only shape an extraordinary academic institution for generations to come, but also rise to meet the challenges of the future and achieve her aspirations.