Marin Open Studios Presents a New Spotlight Series of Virtual Art Exhibitions This Fall

Artists in Marin are telling their unique stories in an exciting new virtual show, “The Human Spirit,” starting September 1 on Art lovers will see the human figure or portraits expressed in many different media and genres. The variation is enormous.

“The Human Spirit” reflects shared views of experience and storytelling within our community. The featured artists are awarded prizes by juror Chester Arnold. 

Timothy Horn, “American Hustle” – Honorable Mention

In addition to the online show, you can connect with local artists, engage in the process with artist studio tours or watch lively videos. You will see mixed media, oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography and more to bring beauty and inspiration into your home. 

MOS, a non-profit visual arts organization, has served art lovers for 27 years, engaging and supporting connections to artists and their work with yearly events, exhibits, and TourGuide published in Marin Magazine.

Amir Salamat, “And So I Write With Great Conviction and Little Certainty” – 2nd Place

After the cancellation of the annual Marin Open Studios Tour event in May, a new event site for MOS was generously funded by artist Kris Brewer and her husband, Eric, of Tiburon. They see Marin Open Studios as the “art of community” and they helped create a new way for the public to engage with artists and their art.

Many artists donated to Marin Open Studios after the event cancellation; these individual expressions of support have allowed programming for local artists to continue. Bank of Marin and other donors and sponsors gave generously, as well. Many new virtual events are taking place and a new, weekly technology class for artists helps them continue to connect to their audience in new ways.

Sara Gallagher, “Beginning To Bare” – 3rd Place

MOS has a passion and a mission to feature under-represented artists in Marin and this continues to be fulfilled despite the pandemic. Generous support has come from The Marin Community Foundation and The Harbor Point Foundation to offer scholarships and create videos about the Canal Alliance mural artists, produced in collaboration with Richard Storek Architecture. The Marin City Arts and Culture Gallery representing black artists is also being supported by Marin Open Studios.

Virginia Doyle, “A Child’s Adventure” – Honorable Mention

The Marin Open Studios artists, staff and board have demonstrated incredible spirit in taking on the challenge of continuing to make local art accessible on It is evident in the challenging commitment to produce an updated studio tour experience for the Marin community in the face of unknowable circumstances in 2021.  

Traditions change with the times and the pandemic has forced many non-profits to rethink the way they serve their constituents. Marin Open Studios will always be committed to its mission of connecting Marin artists with the art-loving public.