Personal Branding in the Age of Zoom, Victoria Hitchcock Style

Victoria Hitchcock
Victoria Hitchcock

Hustle called me “the hoodie exterminator.” The Times (London) said I am “given to acts of benevolent ruthlessness.” I prefer to think of myself as a style-icon creator and fashion lifestylist, transforming my clients’ fashion and lifestyle into a brand as unique as they are. 

A product of southern California and Spain, my fashion journey began on a family trip at age 10. As others viewed artwork at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, I dangled my scrawny legs from a bench, mentally dressing passersby with elements from the classic paintings on display.   

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I made a career out of optimizing people’s style, but now they’re aware I’m doing it. And instead of using classic paintings, I use the Deconstructed Office and Lifestyle approach I’ve created, offering personal branding for work and life — whether in-person or virtual. And who could have imagined the widespread virtual shift that began this March?

In our current times, personal branding looks very different. Now it’s not just individuals who are seeking an onscreen look; whole businesses are redefining their branding ethos to include how their employees represent the company on video conferences. I’m working with enterprises on blending their mission statement, graphics and beliefs to style founders as well as their executive teams. Individuals are expressing themselves through new Zoom looks that show what they believe in, who they are, their hobbies and social platforms. It’s a new way of communicating, onscreen and around the globe.

And while virtual is the current modus operandi, clients are coming up with some pretty unique requests. One CEO walks during meetings, so I’ve started joining her to get an up-close (yet socially distanced) view of her professional life. Another busy entrepreneur met me in the Marin Headlands, looked over his printed agenda, and then we hopped on our mountain bikes for a two-hour bike-and-work session.

GQ called me “the world’s most exclusive stylist,” and I absolutely love this lifelong calling, but the truth is, the most satisfying job is being a mom to my four kids.