Offering Hope and Healing for At-Risk Youth

Offering Hope and Healing For At-RIsk Youth, Marin Magazine


At Side by Side, we walk with young people impacted by adversity on their individual journeys to heal from trauma, restore resilience, and embrace their own potential. We provide critical and comprehensive services that honor the young person’s unique needs and strengths to prevent the escalation of dangerous conditions and behaviors and set them on a positive path. From therapeutic housing to substance abuse treatment to an LGBTQ drop-in center, we provide the safe space most have missed in their lives. When they feel seen for who they are today, we believe our youth can move with confidence toward a future with meaning and connection.

Since our founding in 1895 in Marin County as an orphanage – and through years as Sunny Hills Services – Side by Side has been at the forefront of best practices in child welfare, working with the most vulnerable youth in our community. This month we launched Side by Side, a new brand identity that reflects how we work with young people. Today, Side by Side operates in four counties – Marin, Alameda, Sonoma and Napa – each year reaching nearly 2,000 youth and family members.


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