What’s a Teaching Kitchen?  

1440 Joanie's Garden

1440 Multiversity, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is a learning destination that offers weekend and five-day programs from thought leaders who blend science with direct experience learning and enable more effective navigation of personal and professional relationships.

1440 Joanie's Garden

Joanie’s Garden

Located outside the doors of 1440’s Teaching Kitchen, you’ll discover Joanie’s Garden. This is a peaceful alcove where we find fresh additions for many of our dishes. Filled with seasonal heirloom produce, edible flowers, smiling sunflowers, and even a buzzing beehive, Joanie’s Garden is named after our cofounder and it glows just like her.

1440 Dessert


Our Butternut Squash Mousse Parfait is one of the many yummy desserts we make at 1440. Plus, it’s totally plant-based!

1440 culinary class

Culinary Classes

1440’s Teaching Kitchen is a space for learning, getting your hands dirty, and experimenting. With top-of-the-line equipment and expert instruction, you’ll discover how to create memorable, delicious, healthy dishes that won’t sacrifice taste for nutrition. With Chef Kenny or visiting faculty you’ll come away with so much more than just a full belly.

1440 Chef Kenny

Chef Kenny 

Chef Kenny loves food and you can feel that passion in his cooking. He uses fresh, sustainable ingredients and believes in the power of delicious and nourishing food. Chef Kenny makes 1440’s Teaching Kitchen a place to relax, discover, and experience dining on a whole new level.

1440 Joanies

Private Dinners 

Dinners in 1440’s Teaching Kitchen are events to be cherished. Nestled next to Joanie’s Garden, the gorgeous view and fresh ingredients create a magical setting. A dinner with friends and family isn’t only about the food, right? The dinner table is a special space that provides the foundation of community as you bond over food and perhaps share a glass of wine with loved ones. Here you can have a conversation that matters and connect over a delicious meal in a unique setting.