Storage Solutions: Color Clutch

When it comes to nail polish organization, I have none. Currently all of my polishes are jumbled together in an old shopping bag which I have to dig through or dump out anytime I’m trying to find a certain color. And I’ve also definitely bought duplicates or have forgotten about colors because they are buried at the bottom of the bag.

I stumbled upon Color Clutch one day while browsing Instagram and had to know more about this innovative nail polish storage solution. Created by Bay Area-born Katharine Contag, the idea is simple but smart: store polishes in a flat foam padded box with a clear front, so colors can easily be viewed, but also always stored upright. And since it sits on a shelf like a book, storing up to 18 polishes in the box only takes up 2.5 inches of shelf space. There is also a smaller 8-bottle fabric case with a pouch for manicure tools (and perfect for travel or smaller polish collections).

Currently the clutches are only available in the signature Robin's Egg Blue for pre-order, but there have been hints at new color ways available on the horizon. I would use different color options for further organization: one color for top coats, base coats and overcoats; a second color for bright summery colors; and a third for dark fall colors. But at the moment, I’m just excited they have started production and can’t wait to get my blue 18-bottle box in the mail.

For more information and to become a Color Clutch Kickstarter backer, visit their campaign site. They just hit their fundraising goal on Sunday (congrats!), but still have 9 days to go in their campaign and many pledge rewards still available.

And while on the subject of nail polish, Katharine's 5 hot nail color picks for fall are: black cherry (deep velvety red), army green, muted steel grey, golden glaze, and deep cobalt. See specific brands and more info on the Color Clutch blog.