After only a year, Marin Magazine goes monthly. We feature a new column on hikes by Barry Spitz and sportswriter Austin Murphy reports on the evolution of mountain biking here. We also check in with foodie farmers like Bill Niman; Marin winemakers, including the Pey and Stubb families and Sean Thackrey; writers such as Cyra McFadden and Joyce Maynard; and fellow journalists like Vern Glenn and Phil Bronstein. And, noting a new phenomenon at the time, we report on the rise of bloggers in Marin.


FEBRUARY It’s about time we had George Lucas in the magazine (not that we haven’t tried). This rare appearance is in an ad for Search for the Cause.

MARCH We report on Tiburon attorney Stephen Joseph’s efforts to ban trans fats, and we print photos of the devastating San Anselmo flood from that January.

APRIL Jim Wood discusses Prince Charles’ and wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Marin.

JUNE Our Father’s Day gift guide offers a newfangled iPod case for Dad — iPhones were not yet around.

JUNE Writer Joanne Furio profiles David Gilmore, who recently opened Paradise Foods in Corte Madera.

JULY Madeline Levine discusses her new book, and artwork by Eric Zener first graces the cover.

NOVEMBER Staffer Somer Flaherty introduces us to Millie Hughes-Fulford, a Prius-driving grandmother/astronaut.


In our December issue we announce plans for what looks to be a pretty spectacular Sausalito resort and restaurant with unparalleled views of the Golden Gate Bridge — the soon-to-open Cavallo Point.

“My fiancée Malia made up the word ‘Maringlish’ — there’s a way people who grew up here talk, sort of sarcastic. And there are a lot of BMWs.” Olympic medalist Jonny Moseley on Marin

"Stereotypes are not very true once you stop and say hello to a person. But there’s a stereotype of us as being tree-huggers with truly fantastic environmental awareness and huge SUVs that’s unfortunately true.” Writer Anne Lamott, on Marinites