Reflecting the high life at the end of the tech bubble, our coverage incudes luxury travel to Dubai, $18,000 stainless-steel bathtubs and 24-karat-gold politically inspired party pride rings by Hidalgo Jewelry. Speaking of politics, the controversy examined in PJ Bremier’s “Oyster Wars” article, concerning the plight of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, makes it to the floor of Congress early the next year; and here at home The Redwoods’ sidewalk war-protesting Seniors for Peace are going strong.


JANUARY Doug McConnell drives his hybrid for 700 miles into the desert on one tank of gas to test its fuel efficiency, and we have the story.

FEBRUARY Boat builders at Spaulding Wooden Boat Center are busy refinishing Freda, the oldest active sailing yacht on the bay, and writer Michal Lev-Ram tries to convince us that trapeze arts are the next big thing.

MARCH In his POV, Jim Wood asks if a desalination plant is the answer to the drought and Lisa Max of San Rafael launches Go Solar Marin.

JUNE We check in with rocker dads Jonathan Cain (Journey) and Scott Carter Thunes (Frank Zappa) as Tamalpais High School turns 100.

NOVEMBER We write about U.S. poet laureate Robert Hass after he receives a Pulitzer Prize for his collection of poems.


Photographer and writer Tim Porter captures tourists’ magical moments as they capture them themselves using good old-fashioned cameras — and there isn’t one smartphone, GoPro or selfie-stick in sight.

“I love chalking with my granddaughter in Lytton Square and going for walks on Mount Tam.” John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

It was quite a thrill to have “the world’s greatest sailing yacht,” the Maltese Falcon, docked right here in Sausalito. Owner Tom Perkins brought the craft to Marin for a fundraising event at San Francisco Yacht Club.

“Holier-than-thou cyclists who yell at us that we’re lazy when we’re on our Segways. We take our Segway to the bank, the store, the pharmacy — they are a zero-emission form of transport, and they go up hills, no sweat. We do ride bikes but do sweat on those — not attractive in the hair salon or doctor’s office.” Author Amy Tan on her Marin pet peeves.